Desert Lion Energy

Why Desert Lion Energy?

Desert Lion Energy supports the growing demand for sustainable energy storage for consumer electronics, industrial and transport applications, essential for advancement of the global economy.

The Desert Lion Energy Lithium Project is a high grade asset associated with the historic Rubicon lithium and Helikon lithium mines, near Karibib in Erongo, Namibia. Desert Lion Energy is uniquely positioned as a future low cost producer due to the unique combination of (i) early production options from historic stockpiles, (ii) expected high lithium grades, (iii) expected large, shallow ore body, (iv) low cost, mining friendly Namibian jurisdiction, and (v) close proximity to existing infrastructure in Karibib, Walvis Bay and Windhoek.


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Estimated average grade 1.5% Li2O

Target 10-20 MT resource with an average grade of 1.5% Li2O with additional exploration potential upside.

Proven Production

Brownfield mine, operated from the 1930’s through to 1994, producing a range of products including tantalum and 17,000 tonnes of lithium mineral concentrate. Historic mining head grades varied between 1.7% and 3.8% Li2O.

Clear mineralized zones

Deposit occurs at or close to surface with clear mineralized zones.

Historic production has left lepidolite rock and fines stockpiles providing opportunity for near-term production

Lepidolite rock and fines stockpiles with potential for early production opportunity.

K, Ta and quartz by-products

Potential for K, Ta and quartz byproducts.

Low cost, mining friendly jurisdiction

Fraser Institute ranks Namibia as the second most favorable investment destination for mining and exploration activities on the African continent.

30km to rail load-out facility

30km from an existing rail loadout facility at Karibib with connection to Walvis Bay.

210km from large export port

Approximately 210km from Walvis Bay, the location of one of the largest import/export ports on the West coast of Africa.

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(1) The Desert Lion Energy Lithium Project is deemed to be at a Mineral Prospect or Mineral Deposit stage, despite the considerable historic mining activities. The initial and future exploration targets are based on recent sampling efforts and historical data.


Desert Lion Energy