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About Namibia

Namibia is ranked number two in Africa by The Fraser Institute for “attractiveness of a jurisdiction based on policy factors such as onerous regulations, taxation levels, the quality of infrastructure,” and other policy related factors.

Namibia is located in southwestern Africa and borders South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Zambia, Angloa and the Atlantic Ocean along its western coast. Namibia is named for the coastal Namib Desert, with the name “namib” meaning “vast place” in the Nama/Damara language.

South Africa controlled the former German colony of Namibia from 1915 to 1990, with Namibia gaining independence in 1990. Today, Namibia is known as a parliamentary democracy with a multiparty system and still has a close connection to South Africa, with the Namibian dollar pegged one-to-one to the South African rand.
Namibia is known for its low population density, with a population of approximately 2.4 million inhabitants and an area of 824 292 km². Approximately 49% of the country’s population lives in urban areas, with the nation’s capital – Windhoek – being home to approximately 368,000 inhabitants.

The country’s main export commodities include diamonds, copper, gold, zinc, lead, uranium, cattle, white fish and mollusks, with mining accounting for 11.5% of Namibia’s gross domestic product.

Source: CIA World Factbook, the Official Web Portal of the Government of Namibia and The Fraser Institute.

Proximal to excellent infrastructure in a mining-friendly jurisdiction in Namibia

The Desert Lion Energy Lithium Project is located in the safe, low cost and mining-friendly jurisdiction of Erongo, Namibia. The project is situated on open semi-arid, scarcely populated lands, approximately 120 km to the north-west of Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. The site is 30 km south-east of Karabib, providing proximity to excellent infrastructure. Existing infrastructure includes power, water, large import/export port, airport, extensive rail network, and communication network. The project site is accessible throughout the year via asphalt and gravel roads.

Safe, low cost, mining-friendly jurisdiction

Mining friendly jurisdiction that continues to see investment in the mining sector.

“In 2014/15 Namibia was ranked as the most favourable investment destination for mining in Africa according to the results of two global benchmark surveys. Namibia has reaped the benefits of this prestigious ranking with over N$ 32 billion worth of investments in new mines and reinvestments in the past three years.” – Chamber of Mines of Namibia – 2015 Annual Review

Existing all weather road and 30 km to rail load-out facility

Proximity to the town of Karabib provides access to excellent infrastructure, including an existing all weather road, extensive rail network, communication network, electric powerline and water supply.

Accessible large export port

The project site is located 210 km from the Port of Walvis Bay, one of the largest import/ export ports on the West coast of Africa.

Quick facts about Karibib and Namibia

  • Population of Karibib: 5,132 (2011)
  • Population of Namibia: 2,198,406 (2014)
  • Languages spoken: English (official language), Africans, Oshivambo and Herero
  • Median age of Namibians: 22.8 years old
  • Employment rate Namibia: 71.9%
  • Literacy rate of Namibians: 88.8%

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